Guys, I am very confident in the performance of the Kikn' Rox Windshield Protector!  It has been highway tested at speeds above what anyone should be pulling a boat, with no wind flap!  As for a guarantee, everyone needs to be realistic.  It will absolutely eliminate sand and gravel pitting!  It will absolutely keep your windshield bug free!  It will absolutely eliminate windshield rock chips caused from rocks that will normally CHIP windshields, not shatter them.  If your windshield has an impact with a rock that would shatter it, nothing is going to prevent that. 


Installation tips!!


On most boats, the passenger side strap will hook to the handle on the glove box.  On the driver side, the strap will hook to the steering wheel.  Either side could be hooked to the windshield support bars!  The straps are left extra long so you can decide on your attachement locations.  Once you have made that decision, I would recommend cutting off the excess strap tails and burning the ends so they don't flap in the wind and fray.  I would do the same for the 2 front straps.  KEEP THE STRAPS TIGHT! I would highly suggest using a couple of the small squeeze clamps on each side, where the protector wraps around the windshield.  This is the only area that has any "wind flap" while you're traveling down the highway.