Kikn' Rox Rock Shield: The only choice for protecting your fishing investment!

It doesn't matter whether you are a weekend hobby fisherman or a seasoned professional tournament angler, protecting your boat should be a priority.  Hundreds of miles across the Interstate to your next tournament, or the short trek from the house to the boat ramp can have a devastating effect on the finish of your boat.  For every one of those pesky rocks you find lying on the floor of your boat when you reach the lake, there are probably 3 or 4 hitting the underside and chipping that beautiful "glitter paint job"!!!  The Kikn' Rox Rock Shield will greatly reduce that problem and extend the life of your pride and joy.


THE NEW DESIGN IS AVAILABLE GUYS!!!  To increase the appearance and durability, aluminum diamondplate is now being used for the Rock Shields.  An extra 3" of width has been added to each shield, to increase fender protection also. 

Spring weather is coming soon!!!


No more broken, chipped, pitted or bug covered windshields!!  Most guys don't like trailering their boats with a cover on.  The most common problem with that is the danger the windshield is exposed to, in doing so.  Here is the solution!!  Revised in 2016, the Kikn' Rox windshield protector is made of a UV resistant, outdoor rated nylon impregnated vinyl that will not stretch, tear or puncture.  The cover is held on with 4 straps, to insure no wind flapping.  NO SNAPS TO INSTALL, just strap it on!


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